In Your Office:
You simply will not have spam in your inbox, and important email will no longer be buried under a mountain of spam.
We could stop there, but there's so much more. The risk of having your office network's  security compromised will be drastically reduced. Most viruses and malware - and most hacking tools - are sent to you through spam.  If a hacker wants in, the first thing he must do is place his hacking tools on your computer. The easiest way is to deliver those tools to your machine through spam.


On Your Mobile Devices:
Many mobile device plans charge for data transfer. You will never again waste your data transfer allotment downloading spam.


Using SPAM Dam even helps your website visitors. Read on...


On Your Servers:

BorderWeb's “SPAM Dam” is a robust, cloud-based SPAM filter that eliminates spam  before it reaches your server network. This frees up bandwidth and resources so your website visitors, outgoing email, and legitimate incoming email, are no longer forced to compete with a deluge of spam traffic.


Conventional configurations filter spam on the network and servers where your business's domain is hosted. BorderWeb's “SPAM Dam” operates “upstream”, on it's own network, in it's own cloud. The SPAM Dam filters incoming email traffic long before it reaches your crucial server network where your domain is hosted, freeing bandwidth and resources. Your email comes in clean, your websites load faster, and outgoing email sends more quickly.  Legitimate network traffic is no longer forced to compete with spammers for bandwidth and network resources.


BorderWeb's SPAM Dam is single minded. It filters spam. And it does it very well. Leaving the rest of your online resources to perform their jobs well, without being crushed under the load of debilitating SPAM traffic that has become prolific across the web.


Your Control

BorderWeb's SPAM Dam provides you with a simple, but powerful control panel that holds spam in quarantine for 30 days. On the rare occasion where you believe a legitimate piece of mail has been sent to quarantine, you can easily retrieve it, and tell SPAM Dam to never quarantine email from that sender again.


Getting Started

Set up is free, and there is nothing to configure on your computer, or in your SPAM Dam Account. You'll get at least your first 30 days  free. We will begin billing you on your first billing cycle after we know you are satisfied.


SPAM Dam will filter unlimited email accounts on your BorderWeb hosted domain for $20 per month.


Your domain does not need to be hosted with BorderWeb.
Non- BorderWeb hosted domains are $25 per month, and filter unlimited email accounts. (We must have access to your hosting account's  DNS configuration for set up.)


Please let us know if you are interested in trying BorderWeb's SPAM Dam on your domain.