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Monthly Newsletter  - March 2012

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Beware of a fake email from The Post Office (USPS)
I just got this today, and thought I'd share it. Many of us, here in Del Rio, buy our stamps online, and we're used to getting order confirmations and such from, but watch out for this one. It's a fake. There are several links that are included in the message - links that SAY they take you to the USPS store. If you find this in your inbox, you can float your mouse over the links, and see in the pop-up balloon, that the web address is NOT the USPS store, it is some website registered as being in Denmark. Delete it. I did not go to the site, but it can't be good, and the charge it claims to have made to your credit card is complete fabrication. Here is a screen shot of it. You can click to enlarge.




Handy Things to Know

Is It Worth Fixing? Part One: Hardware

Is it worth fixing? Many of us have asked this question about broken computers, and all too often, your computer guy's answer is "No, you can get a new one for the price of fixing this one." While certainly true, you must ask yourself "What is the old machine really worth to me?" Few people realize that a computer actually increases in value as it gets older, much like a storage unit packed with stuff is worth more than an empty one. Your computer is loaded with software, files, and TIME, a great deal of which is priceless - pictures, for instance. And the software, while perfectly functional on the old machine, is probably not compatible with new machines, requiring expensive upgrades or a complete re-purchase of new versions.  Of course, you can backup your files, and move them from computer to computer fairly easily, once you have learned the procedures or paid for an online backup service. But the learning curve required for new operating systems and software takes time. How much is your time worth?

Sure, staying on the "cutting edge of technology" has it's benefits, but you should make sure you actually need these benefits, before you purchase them. It makes no sense to buy a new computer if you are going use it to perform the same tasks the old computer has been performing.

Computers are built on solid state electronics and should last 20 years or more if kept clean, cool, and malware free. They are worth more as they age, because they accumulate files, software and TIME. Always get a second or third opinion when you are told to get a new computer.



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