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New website this month: is a website for a local live music act. These fellas play acoustic guitars, and sing everything from Frank Sinatra to Kid Rock.... Their presentation is not loud, so you can actually talk to the people at your table. Look for those2guys playing at your local venue soon.



Handy Things to Know

Is It Worth Fixing? Part Two: Software

Your office is running smoothly.....and then, the phone rings. It's the company that provides the software you use to run your business.....

"We've decided we are no longer going to support the version of our software you are using." "It is nearly 5 years old." "You will need to upgrade." "We'll make you a great deal!" "Oh, and the new version won't run on your old machines, so you'll need to buy new ones"

Everything WAS running smoothly, until your software company calls and demands tribute, in the form of the profit you've been squeezing out of your day-to-day operations. Not only that, but you are being forced to replace perfectly good computers with new ones. The new software will run on the new machines, but what about older software that has not yet been upgraded? Will that run on new machines?

What we are seeing in the computer industry is a bit of a compatibility train wreck, caused by the fact that innovation has been out-pacing demand for 20 years. We didn't know we needed to control the lights in our house from our phones ....until we could....  Software companies have been riding this "innovation train" for years, and now it's crashing into the train called  "market demand". Murphy's Law puts it this way: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". A concept computer programmers are just now becoming familiar with, as the business community begins to demand computer systems that will provide return on investment over 20 - 30 years. Not five.

But what about security? One of the primary motives  for software development nowadays, is added security. But the industry is learning that security is dynamic. No matter what they come up with, hackers will crack it. "Security" is always temporary in the computer world. What's interesting is most modern malware designed to infiltrate and control your Windows7 machine, can't infect a Windows98 machine at all, rendering the 98 machine virtually immune to most of the threats of today. Modern malware is just not written to run in the Windows98 environment. ...... What goes around, comes around..... was that Murphy too?



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