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Monthly Newsletter  - May 2012

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Handy Things to Know

In the news today, Google announced it will be helping to identify computers infected by a hacking ring, recently busted by the FBI. If your computer is infected, it would have been using the hacker's servers as it's DNS server. This way the hackers gain control of your surfing. 

The FBI confiscated the hackers computers, and put in their place, clean servers, so that those people infected would not lose internet service.  If the FBI had simply taken the hacker's servers to the evidence locker and not put clean servers in their place, those infected by the hackers would have lost their internet connection, with no opportunity to download the cleaning tools required to remove the threat. You will soon notice on the Google home page, and assessment of whether you machine is infected. You can check it now, if you'd like. The threat can be removed, So remain calm...

Check Your Machine


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