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Wi-Fi Tips

  • Never Use Google Chrome to establish connection with a Wi-Fi system. Known bugs will cause problems. Once connected, you can use Google Chrome to browse without problems.

  • If you have trouble with your wi-fi, please text us. The RV park cannot help you.

  • See our map for coverage.

  • If you are located under a metal roof you will not have good wi-fi performance, as it will prevent your computer's transmissions from reaching our wi-fi antennas.

  • Even if you have good incoming signal, your outgoing signal may not reach our wi-fi antennas.

  • Conditions can change quickly in an RV Park. Large rigs can block signal.

  • Outside antennas help. Use a USB wi-fi adapter, and USB extension cable.

  • Directly connect printers to computers with a usb cable instead of connecting printers wirelessly to the network.

  • You have other options. Direct service from Spectrum is available,  or the park's Wi-Fi hotspot located in their Rec Hall.

  • We strictly control the number, and types of devices we will connect, to ensure the stability and reliability of our network.

  • We will connect: Computers, and Tablets

  • We will not connect: TV's Printers, Wi-Fi Signal Boosters, Sattelite or Cable TV Boxes, Gaming Consoles, Telephones, Security Systems, Cameras, Servers, Routers, Access Points.

  • If you use a USB Wi-Fi adapter, your Physical address will change if you plug in a different USB Wi-Fi adapter. The Physical Address or, "MAC" address, identifies the specific Wi-Fi Adapter that communicates with the Wi-Fi System. The System will see the new USB
    Wi-Fi Adapter as a different device, and refuse to connect under your account.  If you must change USB Wi-Fi adapters during a paid wi-fi period, You will need to contact us for support.

  • BorderWeb Cooperates with the FBI. It's not a good idea to use our network to break the law.










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